Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

Peachtree Publishers

  1. -October 1, 2016


- Madeline Finn and Library Dog has been translated into 21 languages.

  1. - 2016 Parent’s Choice Recommended Award

  1. -2017 Children’s Choice Book Award Winner in the

K - 2nd grade Book of the Year category.

- 2018-2019 Nebraska Golden Sower Award nominee (Children’s Choice Award)

  1. -2018 - 2019 Show Me Readers Award Nominee (Missouri Children’s Choice Picture Book Award)

  1. -2018-2019 Volunteer State Book Award nominee (Tennessee Assoc. of School Libraries Children’s Choice Award)

  1. -2017-2018 Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award nominee (a children’s choice award)

  1. -2018 Montana Treasure State Book Award nominee

  1. -2018 Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award nominee

  1. -2017 - 2018 Delaware Diamonds nominee in the K - 2 category.

  1. -2017 - 2018 Florida Reading Association Children’s Book Award nominee.

  1. -2017 ILA-CBC Children’s Choices List! (International Literacy Assoc. and Children’s Book Council)

  1. - 2017 Carolyn W. Field  Honor Book

  1. - 2017 NAIBA Book of the Year nominee


- Saturday, September 23, Princeton Book Festival


Written and Illustrated by Lisa Papp

Madeline Finn is the Children’s Book

Council 2017 Book of the Year -

A Children’s Choice Award for

K - 2nd grades!

Heartfelt thanks  to everyone who has

enjoyed the book, and taken the time

to share it with friends. I can’t tell you

how much I appreciate your support.

This story comes straight from the heart. I discovered the Read-to-Dogs program at my local library and immediately fell in love. Seeing these incredible dogs working with the children, and watching the magic unfold, was a blessing. I knew I wanted to share this story. Many of the dogs featured in the book are former shelter dogs now living a new life helping children. I have come to know and love these dogs, as well as they’re dedicated handlers, and I’m honored to share their story.

This program works. And it’s not just about reading. I watched these kids come out of their shell, gain confidence, and grow their self esteem. Dogs are masters at unconditional love. They accept the children exactly as they are - no strings attached. And when a child senses that, their fears drop away, doors open, and forward momentum is natural. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and I hope this book shares some of that magic.


  1. *Kirkus: So adorable readers may attempt to hug the page.

  1. *Publishers Weekly: It’s a warm, encouraging story that suggests that perfection isn’t necessary in order to achieve one’s goals, and that help can be found in unexpected corners.

  1. *Parents’ Choice, Children’s Media and toy reviews: ...With totally charming, thin line, soft watercolor illustrations, and gentle story line, Lisa Papp demonstrates her understanding of both people and dogs. No child, especially one facing difficulties learning to read, can resist a book with the opening line, “I do NOT like to read!”

  2. *Literacy on the Mind: A wonderful picture book...There is a message about persistence, but also about being confident in oneself.

  1. *Through the Looking Glass: With an authentic first person narrative and wonderful illustrations, Lisa Papp tells a story that will resonate with everyone who has struggled to learn how to do something new.

  1. *Reviews in Chalk: Beautiful, beautiful book about being patient and to keep on trying when we fail in doing something...Highly recommended.

  1. *Vexing Circumstance: This is such an important book for kids to read.


Madeline Finn and the Library Dog